Happy semi-retired man at work in his shop, holding a drill. Great Jobs for the Semi-Retired Happy semi-retired man at work in his shop, holding a drill.
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November 12, 2021 | Careers + Retirement

Great Jobs for the Semi-Retired

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Great Jobs for the Semi-Retired


Nov 12 2021, 03:34pm

https://learn.quorumfcu.org/app/uploads/2021/10/Great-Jobs-for-the-Semi-Retired_Learning-Hub-Large-Template.jpgGreat Jobs for the Semi-Retired

One of the biggest keys to a happy retirement is getting to do what you really want. You’ve worked a long time to get to the point where you get to choose your activities. If your ultimate retirement involves a lot of R&R, and you’ve got the resources to do it, then go for it. On the other hand, you may be one of the growing number of people who find that they still want to engage in some gainful and rewarding work during their advanced years. If you fall into that category, there are any number of positions that can be fun and challenging while putting some added cash in your accounts.

Start Your Own Business

If you’ve had that entrepreneurial idea knocking around in your head for a while, now could be the best time to explore it. Make sure to research the industry and investigate the feasibility before you throw too much of your nest egg into it.

Consult or Freelance

Freedom is one of the sweetest rewards of retirement (or semi-retirement). You get to decide how you want to spend your time, and that is a wonderful thing. Maybe you enjoyed the work you did but would just prefer to devote less time to it or create your own hours. By doing similar work outside the confines of your previous employment, you can create your ultimate working setup.


Whether the subject matter is related to your profession, a life skill, or a hobby, there are a few things that you know a lot about. Many people make good money creating and marketing blogs about specific areas of their knowledge. Get enough visitors to your site, and advertisers will shell out money to be a part of it.

Online Seller

What do you enjoy bargain hunting for? Clothes? Tools? Thrift store artwork? Websites like eBay and Craigslist give you a powerful tool for selling items you find at garage sales, swap meets and the like. The work isn’t too strenuous and you get to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.


Do you love the meditative task of carving the intricate pieces of a homemade birdhouse? Do your friends and relatives beg you to make one of your specialty craft items for them? If so, you may be able to turn your passion into profits. Etsy.com is a great place to test the waters to see what kind of market there is for your wares.


You’ve made it this far, so you’ve definitely got some wisdom and practical information you can pass along. Whether they are in school settings or one-on-one, explore options for expanding the knowledge base of a younger generation.


If your mental image of the best possible retirement involves meeting new people and discussing subjects you’re passionate about, consider opportunities to lead others. Whether it is on a hunting trip, in a museum, or on a history tour, being a guide can be one of the most fun positions you’ll ever hold.

Pet Care

There aren’t a whole lot of jobs out there that would cause you to say, “I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this!” But if you love animals, being a pet-sitter or a dog walker could have you singing the praises of your labor.


Many young people need mentors in their life. Beyond just diagramming plays, being a coach gives you an opportunity to positively influence the lives of kids who could benefit from your guidance.

Source: Balance Financial Fitness

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